BusinessBase realized a cloud-based Customer Engagement solution for Pensioenfonds Horeca & Catering (PH&C), with complex links to the pension systems and comprehensive self-service options.
PH&C is the pension fund for and of all the employees and employers in the hospitality and contract catering sectors. The fund has an invested capital of € 14.6 billion and manages the pensions of more than 1.3 million former and current employees and 40,000 employers in the sector. They do all this with the help of 150 employees.

One of the objectives of the pension fund is to keep the management as simple and cheap as possible, optimizing the available funds to provide a good pension for its members. What’s more, they’re trying to do so in a time when major changes in the pension sector are on the horizon. In order to be prepared for these changes PH&C initiated an organization-wide IT transition program to a modern cloud-based landscape – an extensive program that, among other things, replaces the current legacy employer administration system.

In this context BusinessBase realized a new Customer Engagement environment for PH&C, which offers state-of-the-art functionality for all customer relation processes as well as self-service functionality. The challenge for our BusinessBase specialists was not so much the Microsoft Dynamics implementation itself, but rather the much more demanding integration. Via the self-service portal the pension scheme members and the employers must be able to have easy access to a customized dashboard with all the up-to-date pension information. Advanced links were developed to provide safe and direct access to this data from the different administrative pension and employer systems. For this purpose a comprehensive integration framework was built based on Microsoft Azure.

A critical component of the project was the data migration. A pension provider is not an online store where a migration error would just affect a few orders. This pension migration involved an enormous amount of data, with the data quality being extremely important. The pension data of members must be completely reliable and indisputable. Consequently, the migration plan incorporated comprehensive checks and balances and as a result the complete migration was realized without a hitch.


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