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From Skill management to Performance Management

Skill management and Continuous Performance Management are important for an effective performance cycle within organizations. But how does it work in practice? Skills at a personal and function level In Dynamics 365

Skills Management in Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Greater insight into the skills of employees is a powerful tool for organizations in their strategic personnel planning. After all, we are looking for employees with skills that mesh perfectly with the

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Master and monitor your data

With our integration platform we don’t just streamline your application landscape. We also help clients organize their master data management and utilize data as the guiding information. A logical next step, but

Advanced Technologies

Digitization is at the top of the agenda of many organizations

In many organizations digitization is the main priority. As much as possible, organizations want to abandon manual processes, automate routine tasks and offer self-service. Furthermore, the service must be available everywhere and

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Under the header of Dynamics 365 Microsoft has transformed its business applications into a comprehensive suite that supports all business processes, from product development to sales and marketing. In this context Dynamics

Optimize processes, give customers personalized service and discover opportunities

In addition to the simple management of customer data, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement also provides optimization of your CRM processes. Using Dynamics we can automate processes and integrate them with other

Effectively building personal customer relationships with Customer Insights

Customer data is the foundation of your customer relation and CRM strategy. Improving the conversion rate, optimizing the lifetime value or reducing churn rates, it all stands or falls with data. BusinessBase

Make your marketing more personal, smart and effective with Marketing Automation

The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing. It’s an attentive message at the right time, a smart tip just when you’re facing an important choice, or a question that makes you feel