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In addition to the simple management of customer data, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement also provides optimization of your CRM processes. Using Dynamics we can automate processes and integrate them with other back office and front office applications. We can also easily provide you with access to the exact functionalities and data that are important to your company. This way we don’t just make your Engagement Management processes more efficient, it also has a positive effect on the corporate culture. It’s easier for people to share information with each other, to work together more effectively and have a better understanding of each other’s sphere of activity.

CRM process automation

The automation of recurring tasks reduces the administrative load. With Dynamics we have countless options for this kind of automation, for instance with the use of supporting CRM tools like PowerApps, Click Dimensions and Adobe Campaign. Within our CRM environment this allows us to provide for functionality like automated lead follow-up and marketing. Thanks to the integration with Office 365 you have access to comprehensive document management processes, and there are automated links to social networks like LinkedIn. Service automation allows you to scale up your business processes without the need for extra personnel.

CRM process integration

By integrating Customer Engagement Management with other back office and front office applications we avoid the need for duplicated data entry. That allows everyone with a sales or service role to entirely focus on the customer and have the latest information to hand at all times. Because of the lightning-fast developments in CRM software in recent years there are plenty of integration options. With an out-of-the-box solution like Dynamics, a CRM system can be structured based on the specific requirements of your organization and your own business processes. This gives you countless advantages.

Thanks to this built-in flexibility your CRM system can easily be coordinated with the different departments within the organization. For example, a salesperson will have other priorities than a colleague who works in service & after sales. By generating a number of user roles it is easy to set up a CRM for different departments, with everyone having convenient access to the main data relevant to them. This results in a greater adoption of your CRM environment and a more effective utilization of the CRM in the long-term.

Smart CRM processes with the right functions and data

With Dynamics we have access to a huge number of features, enabling us to collect, process, manage and utilize large quantities of customer information and other data. That’s obviously great, but it also represents a significant challenge. Some functions and data may be less relevant to your organization while other aspects may play a pivotal role. We will help you compile your own business process flows with your CRM solution, in which the functions and data that are relative to you are the focal point and are easily accessible. This means it also becomes easier (and more fun!) for users to process this data, and the data will generate added value for the organization.

The results:

  • Providing customers with customized service
  • More efficient operations for the organization
  • Discover the obstacles and opportunities of different customers

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