Effectively building personal customer relationships with Customer Insights


Customer data is the foundation of your customer relation and CRM strategy. Improving the conversion rate, optimizing the lifetime value or reducing churn rates, it all stands or falls with data. BusinessBase helps you unlock relevant internal and external data sources. We use the information to build a consistent customer picture and link that to advanced analytics and AI technology. This way, we realize a future-proof Customer Data Platform based on Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. A CDP that enables you to effectively establish personalized customer relations and realize business objectives.

A targeted data roadmap

With the current mountain of data the question is no longer how to collect sufficient data, but what data to focus on. Our specialists will provide a data roadmap that allows you to unlock increasing numbers of sources that are relevant to your plans – with the right internal data and the relevant social media streams, but also with important context information, from events and share prices to file information and weather forecasts. Everything you need to interact with your customers in the most personal and customized way possible.

From customer data to a Customer Data Platform

Data is the foundation of your Customer Data Platform. We integrate the different sources and provide a single, uniform taxonomy, a Common Data Model that allows us to perfectly correlate both internal and external data, even if there are several address details, a different writing method or missing information. Your CDP provides a complete, 360-degree customer picture, a single source of truth that allows your Marketing, Sales and Service departments to get started right away.

Predictive analytics, AI and Machine Learning

Thanks to advanced Customer Insights technology we can even take things a step further. We develop predictive analyzes using artificial intelligence. Machine Learning assists in recognizing patterns and developing smart algorithms. That enables us to predict customer behavior much more effectively and plan effective, personalized promotions, such as online recommendations that really match what the customer is looking for. Or that perfect ‘we’ll make it up to you’ offer after a complaint. Or a reminder that is sent at exactly the right time. The right action at the perfect moment using the proper channel. This way we make sure that investments in Automation and Engagement yield tangible results.

your Customer Insights partner

Together we build a complete picture of your customers. What social media do they use, what are their interests, where do they like to spend their time and what is important to them? We develop a single source of truth, an optimally orchestrated customer journey and smart predictions for your Marketing, Sales and Support Teams. From real-time recommendations and churn forecasting to fraud detection and preventative maintenance. Want to find out more? We’ll be more than happy to tell you all about it.


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