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The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing. It’s an attentive message at the right time, a smart tip just when you’re facing an important choice, or a question that makes you feel your opinion matters.

BusinessBase CRM & Marketing Automation provides an automated marketing, sales and service backend. By automating standard tasks and utilizing available data effectively you create more contact moments, more focused campaigns and more effective customer interaction, without needing more people. An increasingly intricate customer journey and customer interaction through ever-changing channels? Not a problem with CRM & Marketing Automation. From automatic customer segmentation and lead generation to automated cross-channel campaigns, and from personalized websites and social media interaction to intelligent retargeting, the solutions are at your fingertips.

For our CRM & Marketing Automation we use the comprehensive options offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement, supplemented with the functionality of Adobe Campaign and ClickDimensions. Adobe Campaign is the leading omni-channel marketing solution and the preferred partner for Microsoft Dynamics. For more than 10 years ClickDimensions has been the integrated e-mail and marketing automation tool for Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement.

As a specialist, BusinessBase  delivers the best results for your organization on the basis of the following solutions:

  1. Adobe Campaign
  2. Microsoft Dynamics for Marketing
  3. ClickDimensions Marketing Automation

Adobe Campaign: integration for web, mobile applications and e-mail

In today’s competitive landscape, companies and brands must deliver meaningful and relevant cross-channel experiences during the customer journey. With the integrated marketing options of Adobe Campaign and Microsoft Dynamics for Marketing you can organize, personalize and diversify cross-channel campaigns. Thanks to the close collaboration between Adobe and Microsoft, BusinessBase can help you make the digital transition from ‘product business’ to ‘experience business’.

In addition to automation and personalization, omni-channel marketing campaigns are mostly about flexibility: how to keep redesigning and personalizing campaign flows on the web, in mobile applications and via e-mail. This is exactly where Adobe Campaign excels, thanks to its AI support and the intuitive drag-and-drop interface. As a marketing professional you’re in charge, you develop the campaigns and fine-tune them on the basis of the latest insights. So not only is the development intuitive, but the tooling also supports the subsequent steps, from A/B testing through to comprehensive campaign reports. Because success is totally dependent on the ability to plan, organize and measure campaign results. There is a good reason Adobe Campaign for Microsoft Dynamics is the leading omni-channel marketing solution, from campaign creation and orchestration through to execution and measurement. BusinessBase experts ensure a seamless integration of the solution in your Dynamics environment. And if you prefer to focus on just the planning of the campaigns but not the execution, our Managed Service Team will take on that too.

Both Forrester and Gartner acknowledge Adobe as being the best omni-channel marketing solution and digital leader. Adobe is used mainly by large corporate organizations like Philips, Heineken and BMW, but has now also become accessible to mid-market organizations.

Adobe Campaign offers:

    • Omni-channel approach with insight into all customer information
    • Integral customer profile management
    • Targeted segmentation
    • Automated cross-channel campaigns
    • Integrated e-mail campaigns
    • Offer Management
    • Re-targeting campaigns to customers who previously visited the website
    • Personalized website for visitors, based on customer profile

Microsoft Dynamics for marketing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is the complete customer engagement suite for a more effective sales process, smarter marketing, improved (self-)service, project service and Customer Insights. The basic functionality of Dynamics is aimed at identifying prospects and customers, providing a personalized e-mail experience, setting up events and obtaining a clear customer picture.

Dynamics for Marketing offers:

  • Automated (e-mail) marketing
  • Customer insights
  • Insight into who opens e-mails
  • Insight into online activity
  • Options for organizing events
  • Portal hosting
  • Creating and managing landing pages
  • Lead capture
  • Login for personal experiences
  • Options for setting up surveys and polls

Watch the video below, where we take a closer look at the segmentation options within Dynamics for Marketing:

ClickDimensions Marketing Automation

Automate your Customer Engagement solution to the maximum extent to enable you to initiate inventive e-mail and social media campaigns with minimal effort; and, of course, not just automated, but personalized as well. Because no customer is the same and no customer journey is identical. This is why BusinessBase uses ClickDimensions. For more than 10 years ClickDimensions has been the integrated e-mail and marketing automation tool for Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement. ClickDimensions complements Dynamics with e-mail marketing, web tracking, lead scoring, nurture marketing and social discovery. With a simple drag-and-drop interface it’s easy to put together simple workflows and campaigns, in an environment where integration truly means integration, because ClickDimensions directly utilizes the data and functionality in Dynamics. BusinessBase seamlessly applies this functionality in your existing Customer Engagement processes.

ClickDimensions offers:

  • Web tracking with insight as to who visited the website
  • Lead scoring to determine which leads are prospects
  • Multi-channel marketing via e-mail, text messaging, social media
  • Campaign automation to create phased workflows that can be triggered automatically if an interaction takes place
  • Event Marketing (for example for webinars)
  • Nurture Marketing
  • Social Discovery


For the substantive implementation of our Marketing Automation systems we work together with leading communication agencies or your own agency.


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