For sustainable energy and waste company HVC, BusinessBase provided a state-of-the-art Customer Engagement solution based on Microsoft Dynamics.

HVC is in the middle of an impressive transition from a ‘traditional’ residual waste processor to a sustainable raw materials and energy company. HVC collects and recycles waste, but also generates heat, electricity and green gas from biomass, sun, wind and organic kitchen and garden waste. This allowed the company to reduce CO2 emissions by around a megaton just in 2020, supplying sustainable energy to nearly a half million households in the process. This transition makes HVC a serious energy partner of cities and Water Boards.

This transition demands a different way of managing customer relations. The organization is growing in size, but more specifically its activities portfolio is becoming much more diverse, with larger and more complex projects involving many different stakeholders. In addition, the societal focus on sustainable energy projects makes the decision-making process a lot more complicated. In that context HVC was looking for a new IT solution for its stakeholder and customer management. The approach using e-mails, lists and spreadsheets that had developed organically over the years was simply no longer good enough, so the company started a tender process at the end of which the contract was awarded to BusinessBase.

What set BusinessBase apart was the fact that we didn’t offer just a technical solution. Needless to say, Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement supports all the basic customer management functionality, but the crux lies in the customized use of that functionality within the HVC customer and sales processes. These processes had grown organically within the company, so the first investment was in a business analysis project to carefully assess and harmonize the different processes. This provided a sound foundation for the further program. With the first implementation project the customer contacts and sales processes for solar, wind and heat projects have now been fully registered in Dynamics.

Moving on from there, HVC can further develop and professionalize its customer management. For example, as the next step the customer processes surrounding other services and departments can be incorporated in Dynamics. It’s now also easier to mutually integrate the sales process and project planning within HVC. To do so our Customer Engagement platform can, among other things, be linked to the systems for project management, project planning and resource management. This automatically gives account teams more insight into the interdependencies of resources and order processes. And, conversely, project planning is better able to take current sales processes into account. This allows HVC to ultimately not only optimize its customer relations management, but also the rest of its operations.

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