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With our integration platform we don’t just streamline your application landscape. We also help clients organize their master data management and utilize data as the guiding information. A logical next step, but one that has enormous business impact.

Point to point links

An integration platform becomes essential when someone’s IT environment threatens to become unmanageable, with an ever-growing number of applications and more and more point-to-point links used to exchange increasing quantities of data. In this situation adaptations become more and more complex, causing the innovation to gradually stagnate – something needs to be done! At the same time, such a transformation project is about more than just the technical integration. It’s also the moment to harmonize, organize, synchronize and manage data within different applications. We will organize your master data management and, through a number of past projects, have developed a true ‘golden record’ with a single version of the truth of, for example, your customer and product information.

Data-driven organization

This allows you to use that data much more decisively within applications. For example, with an up-to-date 360-degree customer picture, you can utilize your marketing automation tools a lot more effectively. And that’s just one example, because you can also combine data from ERP applications, planning tools and financial systems in much smarter ways. Data you can subsequently also enhance and automatically analyze in more detail, for example for trend analysis purposes and to update business plans. You become a data-driven organization.

When you look at it this way, an integration platform is no longer a necessary cost item; rather, it contributes directly to improved yields and turnover growth. Our Advanced Technologies data specialists will be happy to explain everything to you in detail. Together we will make the progression from data integration to a master data platform with data-driven business processes.

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